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Ultra Repair Telomere Cream with Algae Enzymes

1.7 oz. I Key Ingredients: Teprenone, Algae Enzymes, Hyaluronic Acid, Squalene, Peptides
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Tru Renewal's Ultimate Telomere Repair Cream is an extremely powerful antioxidant enriched formula that hydrates and protects the skins barrier function from daily strain and stress of the environment. This product is created to strengthen skin by repairing the tissue and increasing circulation which will improve the overall tone and texture.

Aging skin is the result of aging cells which happen because of Telomere Cell depletion. If Telomere is activated in a cell, the cell will continue to grow and divide renewing the skin to its youthful state. Tru Renewal created a highly advanced formula that uses Telomere repairing technology. By incorporating the advanced ingredient Teprenone, this innovative cream will rapidly correct all signs of skin aging by promoting the skin's natural protection and repair factors involved in detoxification, anti-stress and DNA repair.

It will restore the skin to a more vibrant state with a renewing feeling that will be a must have for all skin types and even suitable for those with sensitive and reactive skin.

Skin Type: All skin types.



"I tried the Ultra Repair cream formulated with algae and was so pleased with the results. My skin seemed more supple, healthy and had a glow that wasn't there before. In fact, I happened to see my dermatologist after using the product for about 4 weeks and even she noticed a difference in my skin. When you apply it to your skin - it's not heavy, easily absorbed and has an amazing, fresh, citrus like smell. Like so many other people, I've tried so many products from high end department stores to neighborhood drugstores and never once did anyone comment on my skin. At least not until after using this product..."

- Celeste Goldman

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