Tru Renewal

A Note from Ramona

All products are Paraben Free with no Synthetics or Chemicals

I have been using skin care products religiously for the past 15 years and I have tried all of the leading product lines out there, but nothing seemed to work. They would either strip my face to the point of irritation or the regimen just took too long. I told myself that there must be a better way and that's when I decided to create my own skin care line – tru renewal.

I really wanted to develop products that used eco-friendly and natural ingredients, not chemicals that potentially could harm and irritate your skin. The answer? Green algae. Green algae contains natural sources of vitamin C and provides valuable antioxidants. It builds collagen and reduces the look of wrinkles to give you an overall radiant and more youthful appearance.

I found a fabulous, world-renowned chemist who has developed skin care products for well-known physicians and major skin care companies. I also consulted with Dr. Sharon Giese, a top New York City doctor. I knew that my products had to be easy to use and, of course, effective. And, while I have very sensitive skin, I wanted my skin care line to be formulated for all skin types.

Now that tru renewal is here, I cannot begin to tell you how thrilled I am with the outcome; I finally found a product that works!!! After using the skin care line for just 6 weeks, all of my friends and doctors noticed a difference in my appearance. My skin looks and feels healthier; it is more vibrant and glowing.

To go along with the Ultra Repair Telomere Cream I also came up with 3 complimentary products, all having green algae as a base. There is a Gentle Gel Cleanser with Algae Enzyme, Anti-Oxidant Algae Boost with Radiance CR and the Ultimate Eye Repair with Pepha Tight. All four products have new cutting edge, clinically proven ingredients!

I truly believe in these products and I know once you try them you will become a believer as well!!!

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Ultra Repair Telomere Cream with Algae Enzymes
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Ultimate Eye Repair with Pepha Tight ™
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Gentle Gel Cleanser with Algae Enzyme
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Anti-Oxidant Algae Boost with Radiance CR ™
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